What is HALO?

The Hampden Association of Landowners, HALO, is a volunteer grass roots group of local Hampden area citizens that was organized as a non-profit corporation in the year 2011, to combat a highly restrictive, overreaching, and confiscatory '2010 Comprehensive (land use) Plan', that Hampden Town officials improperly enacted in late 2010. Many citizens of Hampden became so alarmed at the extreme land grab, and total disregard for private property rights described in the ‘2010 Comprehensive Plan’, that the HALO group rapidly coalesced, gained strength in numbers, and fought tooth and nail to expose and repeal the plan. In 2011, as the plan's radical approach, involving government seizure of private property rights by local ordinances, became widely understood by the public, and once light was shed upon Hampden officials failure to follow proper Planning adoption procedures, HALO was successful in forcing the Town of Hampden to rescind, rather than repeal the 2010 comprehensive plan.

Gift Land to Your Children

HALO fights to encourage the gifting of private property and land to your children, in a manner  unconstrained by local land use planning ordinances that seek to severely restrict your children's ability to build a home upon the gifted property.

Operate a Home Business

HALO will fight to defend your right to operate a small business from your home and property. This includes the right to install a sign on the front of your property near the road, to advertise the services  of your business to your customers, and so that your customers can locate you without difficulty. 

Farm and Raise Food

HALO will fight for your private property rights to grow food, harvest crops, raise animals, feed your family, feed your neighbors and feed the community.

Energy Freedom

HALO will fight to protect your private property rights to pursue your unique goals to achieve energy independence and freedom.

Shoreland Zone

HALO will fight to keep the 'shoreland zone' limited in size and scope to the present maximum of 75', as defined by State of Maine law, vs. expanded to 250' each side of any body of water.

Recreation Uses

HALO believes that people should have the right to engage in all forms of recreational activities on their own private property.


We invite you to help join the fight for restoration of private property rights. Not with violence, but with unity, we will prevail. We are non-party affiliated. All are welcome, if their foundation is our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Become a member by filling out the form to the right or download and mail in your application.

You can also support Halo by donating through paypal or mailing your donation to:

P. O. Box 365
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